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5 Minute Summer Makeup

It’s hot. Your skin is sticky. You can’t imagine putting heavy makeup on your face in this heat. But, you know you need something. Here are some tips for putting together a summer makeup routine that will leave your skin glowing.

Create lasting colour. The hot weather can wreak havoc on your makeup. When you sweat, your makeup fades. Wash your face with an oil controlling formula and follow up with a light foundation. Apply an oil controlling product to reduce shine. Before applying the rest of your makeup, use a large powder brush to apply some pressed powder. This will help create a solid base for your makeup.

Ditch the heavy foundation. If you think it is too hot to use foundation, you can either skip it or mix a little in with your moisturizer. This will give you some coverage without the heaviness. You can also use a powder foundation which also gives you light coverage and can also control oil. Also make sure to use a little concealer on your under eye circles, if needed. If you want to wear heavier foundation, look for a product that controls oil.

Use bronzer. Bronzer is a great way to give your skin that healthy sun-kissed look without the sun damage. Apply it with a large powder brush on your forehead, cheeks, and nose for a more realistic glow. If you normally apply self tanner on your face, skip this step.

Add colour. Apply blush and eye makeup just as you normally would, but remember not to apply as much as you would in the winter. Choose lighter colours in oil control products whenever possible. If you plan on going in the pool or hitting the waves at the beach, use waterproof eye makeup.

Just because it is hot and sticky doesn’t mean you can’t have lasting makeup. Choose products that will help create a healthy glow and control oil. Pick colours that are flattering but not too bold. With the right techniques and colours, you can create a flawless look that will stay on all day.

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